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A trade name, also known as a trading name or a business name, is the name which a business trades under for commercial purposes, although its registered, legal name, used for contracts and other formal situations, may be another. In addition to local licensing requirements, it is common for a business to register a trade name (also referred to as a "dba") with the Secretary of State. An Affidavit of Trade Name can also be recorded at the County level. While the registration of trade names, a dba, or trademark is not legally required in Arizona, it is an accepted business practice. Arizona law 44-1460 specifically provides for the filing of a trade name affidavit or certificate. An application for trade name is filed with the Secretary of State. When the Secretary of States office has approved the application, the Certificate of Trade Name can be recorded with the Recorders office in the county of the business principal location. Recording the certificate is optional, but is seen by some as a way of preserving the rights to the company name.